Week 1

Welcome to the FFMI fastPACE course!

Below you will find educational videos and supplemental reading material that will help you complete week 1 activities for the course.

Remember, conducting customer discovery interviews is critical to your success in the course.  Challenge yourself to conduct a minimum of 10 interviews per week.

Video Lectures

Value Proposition & Customer Discovery

Interviews! Interview! Interviews! They are so important that we are providing the same lecture from the kickoff event in case you need to review.

A Case Study In Commercialization
David Olson, PhD, successful life science entrepreneur and Mentor-in-Residence at the UM Tech Transfer Venture Center, delivers a case study on Accuri Cytometers.  Throughout the study, you will hear about the importance of the technology’s value proposition and validating assumptions through customer discovery at each stage of the commercialization process.

Reading & Resources

Course text: “BioDesign, The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies” Zenios, Makower, Yock. Week 1: Section 2.3, p. 95-113 or view online resources.

Assignment Template

Week 1 Assignment Template
Complete and upload the Assignment 1 slide deck in advance of the upcoming webinar.
March 16, 2017