Week 2

The focus this week is competitive analysis and your IP strategy. Below you will find educational videos and supplemental reading material that will help you complete week 2 activities for the course.

Remember, conducting customer discovery interviews is critical to your success in the course.  Challenge yourself to conduct a minimum of 10 interviews per week.

Video Lectures

Intellectual Property at the University of Michigan

This short video, presented by U-M Office of Tech Transfer, highlights the specific details of University ownership of IP and details of an invention disclosure, patent rights, timing and cost.

Intellectual Property
David Olson, PhD, successful life science entrepreneur and Mentor-in-Residence at the UM Tech Transfer Venture Center, delivers a lecture on Intellectual Property.

Optional Video

Communicating Innovation: The Language of Commercialization

An elevator pitch is a key skill that not only is the first opportunity to drop your verbal business card but if used correctly, can open the door to many future connections. Learn how to describe how you add value and catch your target audience in a few simple and powerful statements.

Reading & Resources

Course text: “BioDesign, The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies” Zenios, Makower, Yock. Week 2: p. 210-272 or view online resources.

Search Tips

Google Patents are a great way to search for relevant prior art.  Watch this video for a short overview of how to use Google Patents.  Click the button to below to begin your search.

Assignment Template

Week 2 Assignment Template
Complete and upload the Assignment 2 slide deck in advance of the upcoming webinar.
March 20, 2017