The Non-disclosure Agreement

After a presentation, at a conference, or through your network, have you ever been approached by an industry representative about a potential collaboration? What protections need to be put in place to protect you, the university, and the industry partner. Learn how to navigate these types of situations from the FFMI Business Development team.

The NDA: Introduction

Learn how the BD team can help guide you through the NDA process to create a positive outcome for you as the PI, along with the industry partner. Understand the key elements: when, how and your responsibilities.

The NDA: When

What should you keep in mind as an investigator when talking to industry? When confidential information is being shared, it is important to know the steps involved in the NDA process.

The NDA: How

Once it is established that you need a NDA, how do you go about putting one in place? This video outlines the steps involved and who your key contacts at the U-M are to quickly put a NDA in place and begin the collaboration with an industry partner.

The NDA: Responsibilities

Now that you have the NDA in place, what are your responsibilities as a PI? What type of NDA is protecting your information and what are the terms and conditions involved? Remember, the NDA is just the beginning of a meaningful collaboration with an industry partner.

February 26, 2020