Diagnostic Cancer Software

helping cancer patients by quickly interpreting genetic information to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment

Researchers at the University of Michigan recognized a need to more quickly interpret genetic information – to find informative mutations among the 3 billion bits of DNA that make up a patient’s genome. As a result, they developed GENOMENON, an innovative suite of software tools that automates the process, focuses on what the researchers call “clinically important mutations,” and makes information available to doctors in just minutes.

PRODIGY, MASTERMIND, and SAVANT are software tools in the suite that speed discovery work and diagnosis by allowing rapid, automated, and accurate analysis of next-generation sequencing data.

Significant Need

Clinicians spend a lot of time tediously reviewing next-generation sequencing data for genetic mutations. This enormous amount of work is frustratingly inefficient, extremely slow, and easily prone to human error.

Competitive Advantage

The GENOMENON suite of software tools automates the genome sequencing process, helping doctors find clinically important mutations and providing results in just minutes, as compared to manual review that is time consuming and inefficient.

Commercialization Path

  • Intellectual Property – Two patents pending covering database assembly and data processing algorithm. Licensing arrangement with University of Michigan.
  • Commercialization Strategy – Business model is software as a service. Researchers to pay per sample and clinical health systems to purchase annual licenses.
  • Regulatory Pathway – FDA approval unlikely to be required for clinical genomic sequencing decision support software.
  • Engage Investors – A number of angel and venture investors have expressed interest in the GENOMENON suite of software tools
  • Completed Business Formation – Internal team assembled, website launched
  • Company Launch – Incorporated as a Delaware “C” Corp in May 2014


  • Assembly and testing of data processing algorithm (SAVANT/PRODIGY)
  • Optimization of back-end data processing (SAVANT/PRODIGY)
  • Collection and analysis of external datasets
  • Graphical user interface design (SAVANT/PRODIGY)
  • Sequencing of test samples
  • Implementation of software front end (SAVANT/PRODIGY)
  • Development of MASTERMIND backend architecture
  • Q316 Update: Over $1,300,000 raised to date in Series A round funding, GENOMENON formed (company), license




Mark Kiel, M.D., Ph.D.
Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson M.D.
Megan Lim, M.D., Ph.D.


Bradley Martin, Ph.D.
Director, Fast Forward Medical Innovation

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May 21, 2021