Novel Dermatology Treatment for Double Chin

helping patients with double chin reduction

Obesity is a health condition that affects about 40% of the U.S. adult population and can negatively impact a patient’s mental health. As a result, cosmetic medical treatments have grown in popularity, with revenues reaching approximately $14 billion annually by 2025.

Submental fat, aka “double chin,” is particularly challenging because it can be difficult to hide or cover, and it can be resistant to general measures for weight loss, such as diet and exercise.  Until recently, liposuction was the primary treatment used for submental fat deposits, but it is invasive, expensive, and has a long recovery time. Newer, less invasive fat removal strategies are still lacking, with modest increases in effectiveness overshadowed by high cost and long recovery times.

University of Michigan’s Lola Eniola-Adefeso, Ph.D., has developed a novel particle formulation of deoxycholic acid, a natural bile salt. These stable microparticles release active salts upon injection into the affected area that break down fat cells with minimal side effects.

“We anticipate that the microparticles can be administered via current injection protocols in the dermatology clinic with just one treatment,” says Eniola-Adefeso. “This new bile salt-based approach will immediately benefit patients seeking treatment for submental fullness and give them the results they are looking for in localized fat loss.”

When injected, the particles release active salts in a controlled fashion to gradually and continually deliver the active drug. This will provide increased efficacy while minimizing side effects, and will offer a safer alternative to the current FDA-approved solution that can lead to severe inflammation and ulceration.

Significant Need

Current treatment options for double chin are invasive, expensive, have a long recovery time, and can result in a number of negative side effects such as bruising/swelling, lesion formation, and nerve and muscle damage.

Compelling Science

The active salts released by the microparticles effectively break down localized fat cells with minimal side effects.

Competitive Advantage

The novel microparticle treatment releases active salts in a controlled fashion to target fat at the injection site over the course of several weeks, which will decrease the number of treatment visits. Currently, the research shows that the treatment can provide consistent efficacy with minimal to no adverse side effects and virtually no recovery time.

Overall Commercialization

  • Intellectual Property – Full utility and PCT applications filed on the composition and method of use.
  • Commercialization Strategy – Direct license to a strategic partner in the dermatology space, or start-up formation with the ultimate goal of acquisition.
  • Regulatory Pathway – Initial indication in submental fullness, with potential expansion to other areas with hard-to-treat fat deposits.
  • Product Launch Strategy – FDA IND for first in-human study, followed by an abbreviated NDA based on existing treatments on the market.


  • Determine the therapeutic window and dosing of the microparticle treatment in animal model
  • Evaluate safety and efficacy of the microparticle treatment in a second animal model
May 21, 2021