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FFMI has a variety of Biomedical Innovation experts who are ready and willing to give you advice on a wide range of issues, including timelines, deadlines and questions related to The Path curriculum, or general advice about early tech development, strategizing business plans, intellectual property, and other entrepreneurial concerns.

Hosted in collaboration with the Zell Lurie Institute and the U-M Office of Tech Transfer.

Appointments are available for Innovation & Entrepreneurship students, U-M faculty, and other U-M innovators. For more information, please contact Fast Forward Medical Innovation at or call (734) 615-5060.

The Team

Tiefei Dong, MBA, PhD

Assistant Director, Research Partnerships China, Office of Tech Transfer

Debra Grega, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Debra Grega, MBA, PhD

Business Development Director, FFMI

Sara Johnson, PhD

Biomedical Innovation Specialist, FFMI

Stefan Koehler, MS, MBA

Licensing Specialist, Office of Tech Transfer

Bradley Martin, Ph.D.

Bradley Martin, PhD

Senior Director of Commercialization Programs, FFMI

Bryce Pilz

Director of Licensing, Office of Tech Transfer

Jon Servoss, M.S.

Jonathan Servoss, MS

Director of Commercialization Education, FFMI

Mark Cohen, MD, FACS

Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Path of Excellence
Professor of Surgery and Pharmacology
Director of Endocrine Surgery Research

Najoua Elbourkadi, PhD

Assistant Director for Business Development, FFMI

Sarika Gupta, MBA

Managing Director, Zell Lurie Institute 

Mike Johnson, MD, MBA

Entrepreneur in Residence, Lecturer

Visha Krishnan, PhD

Senior Business Analyst, FFMI

Michelle Larkin, MSE

Biomedical Innovatioon Specialist, FFMI

Ed Pagani, PhD

Associate Director, Health Technologies, Office of Tech Transfer

Mike Ranella, M.B.A., M.P.H.

Mike Ranella, MBA, MPH

Business Development Associate Director, FFMI

Mutsumi Yoshida, MS, PhD

Senior Licensing Specialist, Physical/Life Sciences, Office of Tech Transfer

March 25, 2019