Office Hours & Idea Consultation

Office Hours

Biomedical Innovation Office Hours for students, faculty, and other U-M innovators, every Friday from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Quick and easy advice for a wide range of issues, including startups, early tech development, strategizing business plans, intellectual property, and other entrepreneurial concerns. Hosted in collaboration with the Zell Lurie Institute and the U-M Office of Tech Transfer.

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Tailored Office Hours – FFMI commercialization experts will come to your department and hold 10-15 minute focused consultations with interested faculty. Faculty will come away from an appointment with a commercial assessment of their research and a suggested path of suitable resources available at the U-M and beyond. If you would like to schedule office hours for your department, please contact Michelle Larkin at

Idea Consultation

An Idea Consultation is your chance to meet with an FFMI commercialization expert to explore how your research can translate out of the university, onto a successful path to commercialization, and eventually impact patients.

In your Idea Consultation we’ll talk with you about…

  • Your research/technology, the current status of any intellectual property, and where you are in the development path
  • Collaborators you’re working with, both inside and outside of U-M
  • Using customer discovery to test your key hypotheses
  • The regulatory process for your technology
  • Possible sources of funding and support
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Have questions about scheduling a consultation? Contact Fast Forward Medical Innovation at or 734-615-5060.