How Does It Work? Path of Excellence: Innovation & Entrepreneurship





To achieve recognition from the Medical School Dean, the Pathway of Excellence in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PoE in I&E) trains students to gain the fundamentals of both innovation and entrepreneurship. We work with your schedule so that you can complete the first step of your I&E training through the Fast Forward Medical Innovation fullPACE course. This course focuses on teaching the fundamental concepts of life science innovations, entrepreneurship, and commercialization, as well as provides extensive one-on-one guidance and mentorship on the development of your capstone for impact project. Students are encouraged to join in their M1 year, but I&E welcomes students at any stage in their medical school career.





Before starting your M3 year, you will work with the I&E coordinator to plan out when it would be best to do your Branch-elective experience.  I&E has many different opportunities for this requirement and will work with you in creating your own experience. Branch electives can be completed over a period of several weeks or in as little as four weeks.

Venture Capitalist Elective – assess the commercial viability of a biomedical startup, learn how to invest, and learn how to create a business plan.

Business Development Elective – work with the FFMI Business Development team on various industry/company interactions, jump into idea consultations, and learn about managing strategic idea development.

Student Led Innovation or Entrepreneurship Elective – design and participate in your own I&E internship/externship, and develop a project with a researcher, faculty, resident, another project team, etc.





Put your experiences together! You must complete at least two types of impact-related requirements. The last requirement for all I&E students is to present your capstone or Branch elective at an I&E Final Capstone Presentation Event.

  • Expert advisor – participate as a clincal expert advisor to biomedical engineers developing biomedical prototypes
  • Present at a poster or pitch competition on your project
  • Launch a startup
  • Submit a patent application
  • Submit a white paper
  • Give a summary report on critical analysis for launching a program or idea, or developing a new prototype

What the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Path of Excellence Can Do for You

  • Recognition from the Dean
  • Gain professional leadership skills
  • Network with key contacts
  • Add to your resume or CV
  • Enhance applications for MBA or dual degree program
  • Find an internship
  • Start a venture
  • Launch a startup


Join fellow I&E students in the Innovation Bootcamp where you will learn about the fundamentals of biomedical commercialization and Design Thinking.

  • Learn fundamentals of the Design Thinking process to think like an innovator and solve real medical problems
  • Select a Design Challenge & team members
  • Attend a series of required hands-on workshops to learn the basics in: Design Thinking, customer discovery, regulatory, reimbursement, process & systems, eco-systems, stakeholders, how to give a pitch on your idea, and more!
  • View the FFMI online-learning module to support your continued growth on your own schedule
  • Gain exposure to how medical device prototypes are constructed by engaging with engineers and utilizing our space in the Clinical Simulation Center.
  • Present your project poster at the Midwest Growth Capital Symposium and network with real biomedical entrepreneurs in healthcare

FFMI offers the flexibility to tailor the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Path of Excellence based on your individual needs, medical school level, experience, and timeline.

We’ll work with you to make sure that you successfully complete the path and achieve your goals.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Path of Excellence welcomes all medical students at any stage in their training. We also encourage multiple Path of Excellence participation for interested students.

For any questions or to sign up, get in touch with Candice Stegink, Program Coordinator at or 734.615.7476.

May 8, 2020