Formerly known as the Early Tech Development Course, FFMI fastPACE is a 4-week biomedical innovation and commercialization course designed for the busy medical academician with an early stage project.  The fastPACE Course blends in-person and online education to help faculty researchers and clinicians prepare a successful business case for funding and development partnerships.

Who should enroll?

  • Clinicians and researchers with an early stage biomedical innovation or idea
  • Postdocs or graduate students working with faculty mentors on a biomedical innovation

Why should you enroll?

  • Develop a successful business case used to secure funding and attract collaborators
  • Determine the commercial viability of your innovation
  • Expand your network of innovation partners, mentors, and potential investors
  • Develop greater self-confidence and business presentation skill

Enrolling a Project

As a project based course, participants can enroll their entire team of faculty collaborators, as well as any postdoc, graduate, or medical student.  For those without project collaborators or student team members, a group of medical students are available to support the project during the course.

Expert Teaching Team

The course features an expert teaching team from a variety of settings, including academia and industry.  Project teams are divided into educational tracks and assigned a teaching team member to capitalize on their unique experience and maximize mentorship opportunities.

Course Results

More than 70 project teams have graduated the fastPACE Course and used their experience to secure additional funding, find collaborators, submit publications, and conduct additional research.


Spring 2018 FFMI fastPACE Dates:

March 16: NCRC, Building 10 – Room G063/G064 from 12-5 pm (Friday)

March 23: Conference Call 3-4:30PM (Friday)

March 29: Conference Call 3-4:30 PM (Thursday)

April 6: Conference Call 3-4:30 PM (Friday)

April 13: NCRC, Building 520, Room 1122 from 12-5 PM (Friday)



Contact Commercialization Education Program Manager – Jon Servoss at 734-764-2692 or servossj@med.umich.edu or Commercialization Education Program Coordinator – Margarita Hernandez at 734-615-7476 or marqidez@med.umich.edu.

Thank you for your interest in FFMI fastPACE. For more information please submit the following:
February 1, 2018