Programs & Courses

Fast Forward Medical Innovation offers a comprehensive collection of educational programs and training tailored for busy faculty, students, clinicians, and researchers across the University of Michigan, and across the state, region, and nation.


fastPACE Course

Project-based course designed to help academics launch new innovations

  • Faculty, staff, and trainees
  • 4-5 weeks; Virtual

Innovation Studio

Project-based consultations from experts in a variety of fields to address questions, needs, and resources

  • Faculty, staff, and trainees
  • 1 hour; Virtual

Aikens Innovation Academy

Project-based course, mentorship, and funding for academics with cardiovascular innovations

  • Faculty, staff, and trainees
  • 12 weeks; In-person or virtual

Frankel Cardiovascular Center Innovation Challenge

Annual idea competition for up to $100K to test and implement cardiovascular innovations

  • Faculty, staff, trainees, and patients
  • Timeline varies; In-person or virtual

Biomedical Innovation 101

A fully virtual, six-part webinar series to introduce the basic concepts of life science research commercialization and connect clinicians and research investigators with supportive resources

  • Faculty, staff, trainees
  • 6 weeks; Virtual

Oncology Drug Discovery & Development (3D) Workshop

Day-long, experiential educational program that will simulate the oncology drug discovery process from idea to FDA review.

Faculty, postdocs/trainees, graduate students, staff

1 day; In-person

Certificate in Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A certificate to prepare for careers in biotech startups and other entities related to biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Trainees
  • Varies; In-person or virtual

Biotech Career Development Program

Provides career exposure to many aspects of biotechnology outside of the traditional academic tenure-track faculty position

  • Trainees
  • 12 weeks; Virtual

Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship I/II

A credit-bearing course intended for science and engineering majors seeking insight into the fundamentals of life science entrepreneurship

  • Trainees
  • 1 semester (16 weeks); In-person or virtual

Drug Discovery and Development Course

2-day, exclusive, project-based, and computer simulated approach to teaching drug discovery and development

Global Health Commercialization Competition

Project-based course designed to help academics launch new innovations in emerging global markets


4-5 weeks over 2 months; Virtual

FFMI fastPACE Train-the-Trainer

Collaborative learning experience teaches program planners how to launch the FFM fastPACe program at their home institutions


Intellectual Property in the Academic Setting

Learn from the Fast Forward Medical Innovation and Innovation Partnerships teams about the importance of intellectual property in the commercialization of your innovation.

Academic Drug Discovery

A fully virtual, self-paced course that teaches the fundamentals of academic drug discovery

  • Faculty, staff, and trainees
  • Fully virtual, self-paced course
  • Up to 20 hours of instruction

Medical Device Regulation

Learn from the Fast Forward Medical Innovation and Michigan Institute of Clinical & Health Research teams about the importance of FDA regulations on your medical device innovation.

FFMI Idea to Impact Webinar Series: The Translation & Commercialization of Academic Research

On-demand videos that focus on various concepts and considerations critical to research commercialization and technology development

6 Tips for Customer Discovery

Former FFMI fastPACE students, Daniel Kessler and Mike Angstadt, give advice to current innovation & commercialization students about customer discovery.

Interacting with Industry 

Meet the Fast Forward Medical Innovation Business Development Team to learn about topics surrounding industry interaction.

“How-To” Series: The Pitch Presentation

Learn how to create a 5-minute pitch presentation for your biomedical innovation.

“How-To” Series: Creating a Value Proposition

Learn how to craft a clear and compelling case for why your idea is important.

Ask the Experts: A Biomedical Innovation Forum

A panel of life science investment experts provides insight on trends within the industry and reveals investment criteria considered when evaluating emerging technologies.

YouTube Library of Valuable Resources

Interactive modules, instructional videos, and other educational materials related to innovation topics

  • Faculty, staff, and trainees
  • Varies; Virtual


Contact Jon Servoss, FFMI Director of Commercialization Education, at 734-764-2692 or