Strategies for Developing Digital Health Technologies

This webinar will provide a high-level look at the critical milestones and timelines for translating your digital health idea to clinical reality, paying special attention to the unique impacts customer discovery and monetization strategies have on your development pathway. Hear from digital health innovator Jimo Borjigin, PhD, as she discusses the ongoing development of Electrocardiomatrix (ECM), a software tool for the early identification of atrial fibrillation in patients at risk for stroke.

To view Dr. Borjigin’s portion of the presentation, please download the handouts below.

Join Fast Forward Medical Innovation for a series of webinars intended to educate and connect life science researchers and academic innovators interested in the commercialization of academic research.  The series outlines the significance and critical milestones of developing novel therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health innovations, as well as essential collaborations with industry partners to translate a research-based idea into a product of impact. 

September 8, 2020