Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

The Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (BIECP) is a non-transcript certificate program that combines science and business to train and prepare University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) graduate students for an impactful career in small biotechnology startups, large pharmaceutical companies, and other entities related to biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship. Administered by Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI) and the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS), participants will receive extensive training from experienced entrepreneurs and biomedical innovators on concepts necessary to translate biomedical research into products or practice. Upon completion of the certificate program, candidates will receive a certificate of completion signed by FFMI and OGPS leadership.


The program covers the fundamentals of life science entrepreneurship and allows students to practice these concepts through project-based work. It will allow students to further explore areas covered within the core course (PIBS 750: Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship II) and further develop their knowledge of biomedical innovation concepts as they explore potential career interests not typically included in a biomedical graduate curriculum.


The certificate gives enrollees the opportunity to prepare for entrepreneurial careers, as well as those found in more traditional companies/firms such as:

  • Industrial Research Scientist
  • Product Development/Manager
  • Regulator Affairs Specialist
  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Venture Capital Associate
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Technology Development Officer
  • Many Others

Target Audience:

Predoctoral candidates and doctoral candidates from any of the UMMS degree seeking programs


*Students who took PIBS 550 Fall 2019 or earlier will also be considered for the certificate program. 


Through using course elective credits, there is no additional cost for UMMS doctoral students to complete the certificate.  Pre-doctoral candidates (2nd year) and candidates are eligible to take up to 4 credit hours of electives per semester that can be used toward the certificate. There is no cost for students to participate in the BCDP.  Other students (Master’s level and Post-Doc) who do not have open elective credits embedded within their plan of study may be subject to regular tuition.  Please contact Jon Servoss ( to arrange an advising appointment and to discuss auditing desired elective courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All for-credit coursework completed toward the certificate program and letter grades will be on your official university transcript. The formal completion of this certificate program is not currently noted by Rackham or the University of Michigan Registrar’s Office. However, successful completion of this certificate program is recognized by the the Office of Graduate and Postdoc Studies and Fast Forward Medical Innovation. Certificate graduates will receive a signed certificate of completion and alumni recognition on OGPS and FFMI webpages.

Required (Core) Course

  • PIBS 750: Biomedical Innovation II (Fall only)

Two Pre-Approved Electives

  • ENTR 520.001: Technology-Inspired Business Models
  • ENTR 560: Project Management & Consulting
  • ENTR 599: Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy
  • ENTR 510: Compensation, Fund. & Ownership
  • ENTR 599: ELP Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • ENTR 530: Innovation and IP Strategy
  • ES 515: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ES 615: New Venture Creation
  • ES 620: Healthcare Startups
  • ES 623: Venture Capital Finance
  • ES 620: Healthcare Startups
  • ES 629: Financing Research Commercialization
  • ES 640: Building Healthy Business
  • ES 701: Wolverine Venture Fund
  • ES 702: Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund
  • ES 720: Commercialization of Biomedicine
  • Phrmacol 622: Translational Pharmacology
  • Phrmacol 621: Drug Discovery
  • Phrmacol 620: Business of Biology
  • BIOMEDE 550: Ethics & Enterprise
  • BIOMEDE 588: Global Quality Systems & Regulatory Innovation
  • MKT 625: New Product & Innovation Management
  • Petition Course* (reviewed by committee)

Students must earn a minimum grade of “B” (3.0 GPA) or higher in all required and elective courses in order to be counted toward the certificate program.

*Since the University of Michigan has an ever evolving list of course offerings related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and biomedical technologies that students may be interested in, we will allow students the option to petition for additional courses outside of this pre-approved course list to be considered for elective credit in the certificate program. For consideration, courses must be graduate level, relatable to certificate program, and enhance student experience or knowledge in biomedical commercialization. To have an additional course considered, please fill out our Course Petition Form and send Jon Servoss ( the course syllabi. 

All certificate students must apply, participate, and successfully complete the Biotech Career Development Program (BCDP) in order to earn their certificate of completion. Students who have already notified FFMI of their Intent to Apply for the Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate form may receive priority acceptance into the BCDP.

Yes! As long as all certificate requirements have been or are in the process of being completed, students can inform FFMI at any point that they Intend to Apply for certificate recognition.  Courses not listed on the approved elective list can be petitioned for inclusion.

We encourage all participants to discuss their participation in this certificate program with the appropriate contact within their program, including their advisor.


Contact Jon Servoss, Director of Commercialization, at 734-764-2692 or

May 24, 2021