Business Development

Fast Forward Medical Innovation connects U-M researchers and industry collaborators.

Our Business Development team has the knowledge and experience to successfully build relationships between the appropriate research teams, services, and external partners by helping navigate the many world-renowned departments and programs available at Michigan Medicine, including:

The Business Development team’s expert understanding of the business process for research contracting, budget, and negotiating helps strengthen these relationships and ensure successful project execution.

Click on the video to learn the details of formulating and executing a research-based business plan between an industry sponsor and U-M research invesigator.

How Can We Help?

What FFMI Business Development provides to U-M researchers:

  • Business support and guidance with a lens on scientific discovery
  • Accelerated research contract execution by engaging applicable U-M service teams
  • Connections with industry contacts

What FFMI Business Development provides to industry partners:

  • Insight and expectation setting on all levels of research business activity with University of Michigan
  • A point of contact in facilitating specific deals and future pipeline opportunities
  • Connections with U-M research investigators

Looking to partner with a U-M Medical School Researcher? CLICK HERE for a list of specific subject areas and Business Development team contact information for that topic.

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Have questions about biomedical innovation at the University of Michigan? Contact Mike Ranella, Director of Business Development, at or 734-764-3635.