Biotech Career Development Program Overview

Program Overview

Phase I: Career Exploration and Skill Building

Themed career panels, workshops, and seminars will provide participants with a greater understanding of non-academic career options and core skills required to be successful.  In addition, participants will meet regularly as a cohort to conduct additional career research and share experiences.

Career Exploration Panels

University Administration, Staff, and Support

  • Technology Transfer 
  • Research Administration 
  • FFMI Business Development 
  • Research Commercialization 
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Research Analyst

Consultant /Nonprofit and Government/Other

  • Management 
  • FDA Regulatory 
  • USPTO 
  • IP Law 
  • Science Policy 

Small Biotech Startups

  • Research & Development 
  • Business Development

Large Corporations

  • Research and Development
  • Medical Science liaison
  • Product Manager 
  • Application Scientist 
  • Clinical Trial Management 

Experiential Learning & Skill Building Seminars

A monthly seminar to gain critical skills in advance of an experiential learning opportunity. 

Communication (Oral & Written)

Time & Project Management

Leadership & Teamwork

Commercial Acumen

Self-branding & Promotion

Phase II: Experiential Learning

At the conclusion of Phase I, participants can choose to pursue an experiential learning opportunity that best fits their desired career trajectory and current academic obligations based on available options.

Additional Information

Program Expectations

  • Participants are required to attend all of Phase I – a monthly career exploration panel and skill building seminar – totaling two events per month.
  • Participants can choose to pursue an experiential learning opportunity during Phase II that will vary based on the availability and expectations of the host site.  It is up to the individual participant to work directly with the host site on final details.
  • As a result, Phase II is encouraged, but not required for successful completion of the program.  Participants are required to write a reflection document and deliver a presentation on their participation in the program.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Cost – There is no cost to participate in the program

Application will open March 1, 2021. A virtual information session will be held on March 1 at 2:00pm. More details to follow.

Biotech Career Development Program Steering Committee






Maggie Evans, Ph.D.

Career & Professional Development Coordinator
Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies







Jon Servoss, M.S.

FFMI Commercialization Program Director
Fast Forward Medical Innovation






Shoba Subramanian, Ph.D.

Director of Curriculum and Education
Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Biotech Career Development Program 2018 Alumni Planning Committee

Joseph Cicchese, Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Chemical Engineering
Linderman Research Group

“I learned a lot about how to discover jobs outside of academia and market my skills as a researcher for those jobs. The program helped clarify that I am most interested in technical/product development positions in a small biotech company.”

Kevin Hughes, Ph.D. Candidate

Biomedical Engineering
Shea Research Group

“Through the BCDP, I determined the career I want to pursue while expanding my network, and I was introduced to experts in biotech who helped me build the skills that recruiters are looking for.”

Daniela Knoefler, Ph.D.

Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Jakob Research Group

“Participating in the BCDP gave me the opportunity to explore different biotech careers based on my interests, meet and talk to experts in those fields, and expand my professional network. This program served as an excellent preparation to identify the right careers and develop the skills that are needed!”

Lindsay Scheetz, Ph.D. Candidate

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Moon & Schwendeman Research Groups

“BCDP significantly expanded my network, improved my interview skills, and opened my eyes to intriguing careers I had never known of prior to enrolling in the program.”


The Biotech Career Development Program is provided by FFMI, MICHR, and the UMMS Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. For questions, please contact Jon Servoss at


Fast Forward Medical Innovation                                                                   

May 5, 2021